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Pillagers spawn randomly in Minecraft due to various factors related to villages and their proximity. These factors include interactions with villages or living near one, the presence of certain structures like bells, specific block light and sky light levels, and the type of block they can spawn on.

1. Do pillagers just randomly spawn?

In Bedrock Edition, pillagers continually spawn at or below a particular location in the outpost. A maximum of eight pillagers can spawn naturally in an outpost.

2. What makes pillagers spawn?

Pillagers continually spawn in a specific block area centered on the top floor of the outpost. They can spawn on valid opaque blocks with certain light level conditions, including grass or sand blocks regardless of light level.

3. How do pillagers spawn naturally?

Pillagers spawn naturally in a block volume centered on the top floor of the outpost. They can spawn on valid opaque blocks with specific light level conditions, including grass blocks or sand regardless of sky light level.

4. Can you turn a pillager into a villager?

Currently, there is no known method to turn a pillager into a villager in Minecraft.

5. Do pillagers take your stuff?

During a raid, pillagers will try to loot chests or any other storage items like barrels and shulker boxes.

6. How rare is a pillager?

Pillager outposts are semi-rare structures that can generate in certain biomes, such as plains. They are rarer than villages but less rare than woodland mansions.

7. How rare is it for pillagers to spawn?

Pillager patrols spawn when a world reaches a certain time threshold. The game attempts to spawn a pillager patrol every 10 minutes with a success rate of 20%.

8. Can pillagers enter your house?

Pillagers will not raid your house unless you have the bad omen effect and a villager near you. Otherwise, they will only spawn and attack nearby villages.

9. Do pillagers ever stop spawning?

To stop pillager outposts from spawning, you need to kill all the pillagers there, drink a bucket of milk to remove the Bad Omen effect, and cover or remove all grass and sand blocks in the area where they can spawn.

10. What is the difference between illager and pillager?

While most illagers prefer solitude, pillagers are more adventurous and willing to explore and attack in a hunter-esque fashion. They despise peaceful villagers and seek control over the Overworld.

11. Can you live in a pillager tower?

You can live in a pillager tower, but it is not advisable as pillagers will constantly spawn there, making it unsafe and potentially difficult to survive.

12. How do you cure a bad omen?

The Bad Omen effect can be cured by drinking a bucket of milk or through player death. It can also be removed by entering a village and starting a raid.

13. How long does bad omen last?

The Bad Omen effect can last up to 1 hour and 40 minutes. It is triggered upon killing a pillager captain and remains until a raid is initiated or the player dies.

14. What do pillagers keep in cages?

Pillager outposts may have cages that contain Iron Golems. By breaking into these cages, you can free the Iron Golems, which will then make their way back to the nearest village.

15. Do all pillagers drop emeralds?

In Bedrock Edition, pillagers can drop 0-1 emeralds upon death. The chance of dropping additional emeralds varies depending on the difficulty level.

16. Will pillagers spawn inside a village?

Pillagers can spawn within a certain radius of the village, depending on the game version. In Bedrock Edition, they can spawn within 64 blocks of the town center.

17. What curse do pillagers give you?

Killing a pillager patrol captain will give you the Bad Omen effect. This effect initiates raids when entering a village and triggers waves of pillagers attacking the village.

18. What do pillagers want?

Pillagers are hostile illagers who want to gain control over the Overworld and despise peaceful villagers. They participate in raids and attack players, Iron Golems, Wandering Traders, and Villagers.

19. What is the blue pillager?

There is no known blue pillager in Minecraft. It may refer to a certain mod or variant of the game that includes a unique type of pillager.

20. What are pillagers good for?

Pillagers primarily serve as a hostile mob that participates in raids and attacks villagers and players. They do not have a significant purpose beyond this role in the game.

21. What curse do pillagers give you?

Killing a pillager patrol captain gives you the Bad Omen effect, which triggers raids when entering a village.

22. Do pillager outposts give bad omen?

Encountering a pillager outpost or a patrol of illagers can give you the Bad Omen effect, which in turn initiates raids when entering a village.

Why do pillagers randomly spawn? - Gaming Pedia (2024)
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