Ted Lasso Season 3: What to Expect From the Plot and Cast (2024)


We dive into everything you need to know about the return of Jason Sudeikis’ righteous ‘stach in Ted Lasso Season 3!

Ted Lasso Season 3: What to Expect From the Plot and Cast (1)By Nick Harley | |

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Ted Lasso Season 3: What to Expect From the Plot and Cast (2)

Can you BELIEVE that season 3 of Ted Lasso is right around the corner? Apple TV+’s feel-good, fish-out-of-water sports comedy that inexplicably began life as a series of commercials for NBC Sports has become maybe the most beloved new show of the 2020s. Jason Sudeikis’ mustached titular character is a beaming light of optimism and a balm in increasingly depressing times.

Season 2 found the overmatched football coach struggling with his mental health and unresolved trauma from his youth while the AFC Richmond squad battled to get promoted back into the Premier League. The season ended with Richmond successfully ascending to the top flight of English football, but in the process, the team lost “wonder kid” coach Nate (Nick Mohammed), who after feeling neglected by Ted all season defected to West Ham United, now owned by Rupert Mannion, the ex-husband of Hannah Waddingham’s delightful Rebecca Welton.

As of now, the cast and crew of Ted Lasso are adamant that season 3 will conclude the series, remaining firm that the show was always envisioned as a three-season story. Jason Sudeikis told Entertainment Weekly, “The story that’s being told—that three-season arc—is one that I see, know, and understood. I’m glad that they are willing to pay for those three seasons. As far as what happens after that, who knows? I don’t know.”

However, show co-creator Bill Lawrence is holding out hope for more, telling Comicbook.com, “Ted Lasso is a three-season show. After the third season, I will desperately try to get Mr. Sudeikis to do a… [fourth season].” However, don’t get your hopes too high. Lawrence added, “The only way I think a fourth season of Ted Lasso exists would be if TL went and coached a soccer team that played about a block from Jason’s house in real life, you know what I mean?”

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Ted Lasso Season 3 Cast

Before we get into official casting announcements of note, it seems safe to assume that all of our central characters will be returning for this possible last hurrah. That means Sudeikis will be growing his mustache for a third go-round as Ted, Brendan Hunt will be back in the saddle as Coach Beard, and everyone’s favorite foul-mouthed member of the Diamond Dogs, Roy Kent, will once again be portrayed by Brett Goldstein.

Also based on the way season 2 ended, we can rest assured that Mohammed’s Nate and Anthony Head’s Rupert will be back to stir up trouble at West Ham. And what would Ted Lasso be without Hannah Waddingham as Rebecca and Juno Temple as Keeley Jones? Their friendship has been the secret heart of the show.

Expect the rest of the cast to be rounded out by the following:

  • Phil Dunster (Jamie Tartt)
  • Jeremy Swift (Higgins)
  • Toheeb Jimoh (Sam Obisanya)
  • Cristo Fernández (Dani Rojas)
  • Kola Bokinni (Isaac)
  • Billy Harris (Colin)
  • Annette Badland (Mae)

As for new blood, Deadline reports that For All Mankind‘s Jodi Balfour will be joining the season as Jack, “a charming venture capitalist.” Considering her profession, perhaps she’ll serve as a new antagonist?

Ted Lasso Season 3 Plot

While Sudeikis, Hunt, Goldstein, Lawrence, and the rest of the writing staff are the only ones who know for sure at this point, we can expect that Nate’s villainous turn and the club’s rivalry with West Ham will be one of the big plot points for the upcoming season.

There are also several relationships that will need attention in season 3, like the one between Rebecca and Sam, as well as what feels like a splintering relationship between Roy and Keeley, and the reemergence of Jaime Tartt to complicate things further. Also, with the help of Sarah Niles’ Dr. Sharon Fieldstone, will Ted be able to keep everything together?


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We’ll hopefully have all of the answers, with everything wrapped up in a tidy bow, when season 3 of Ted Lasso starts streaming.

Ted Lasso Season 3 Trailer

Sorry, Greyhound fans. There’s no trailer for Ted Lasso Season 3 yet, but we’ll be sure to update this page as soon as one is released.


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Ted Lasso Season 3: What to Expect From the Plot and Cast (3)

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Nick Harley|@mick_marley

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Ted Lasso Season 3: What to Expect From the Plot and Cast (2024)


Who was with Bex at Rebecca's door? ›

This is likely the reason behind Bex and Ms. Kakes appearing at Rebecca's door. In Ted Lasso season 3, episode 10, it was mentioned that Trent Crimm had heard rumors of mistreatment at West Ham surrounding Rupert.

Why is Ted Lasso season 3 not good? ›

The third (and final?) season of Jason Sudeikis' hit football series consisted of bloated episodes, disjointed plotting that kept characters siloed in their own little bubbles, and arcs that meandered to nowhere. Ted Lasso Season 3 will never be remembered as the best version of the series...

Who is Roy Kent based on? ›

The Roy Kent character in Ted Lasso is heavily inspired by the real-life superstar Roy Keane. In the show, Kent is well respected by his teammates and after a glittering career, where he won the UEFA Champions League with Chelsea, he is currently in his last lap and has hence joined AFC Richmond.

Who is Jamie Tartt based on? ›

David Beckham, Jack Grealish, Cristiano Ronaldo, Olivier Giroud are some of the many real life footballers on who Jamie is based on. It is a popular fan theory that Jamie is bisexual. When asked about this, showrunner and writer Brendan Hunt said "Maybe".

Who showed up with Bex? ›

Ms. Kakes shows up on Rebecca's doorstep together with Bex, and we can guess that both women have been wronged by Rupert. They are likely looking for Rebecca's advice on how to take him down, along with everything he holds dear.

Who is Rebecca's soulmate? ›

Ted and Rebecca are the most obvious of the soulmates on the series – the only characters to have been confirmed as soulmates by Sudeikis – and it makes sense, considering y'know, the fact they're the main characters. Rebecca is the first character we meet, before Ted himself, and that's for a reason.

Why don't people like Ted Lasso? ›

Ted Lasso is actually a very weird show plot-wise. Yes, Ted Lasso is a weird show, with strange, often awkward, pacing and idiosyncrasies that can make the series feel like an afterschool special.

What is Ted Lasso suffering from? ›

Access to Therapeutic Resources. As the show progresses, the audience learns that Ted suffers from depression and anxiety as a result of isolation and disconnection. He is lonely, reeling from a recent divorce, hasn't seen his only son in a long period of time, and is living in a foreign land.

What is Nate's problem in Ted Lasso? ›

Nate's own insecurities, his inability to convey his feelings to his once-hero Ted and his toxic relationship with his father all led him to feeling abandoned and eventually blowing his life up. Social media is where Nate receives positive feedback and praise.

Who is Obisanya based on? ›

When Sam Richardson noticed something oddly familiar in Ted Lasso Season 1, he texted one of his best friends, show co-creator Joe Kelly. And as it turns out, Toheeb Jimoh's Sam Obisanya was, in fact, inspired by him.

Who is Zava based on? ›

Oskinski told USA Today that the character of Zava was based on Eric Cantona from France, Polish striker Robert Lewandowski and primarily, Zlatan Ibrahimović of Sweden, also a striker. The "Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D." actor read Ibrahimović's book and watched documentaries to prepare for the role of Zava, he said.

Is that Jamie Tartt's real accent? ›

Dunster, who is nothing like Jamie in real life, discovered the character's Mancunian accent, which was not originally scripted, as he began to make Jamie his own. The regional dialect, akin to a strong Boston accent in the U.S., stuck.

Who is Dani Rojas supposed to be? ›

'Ted Lasso's Dani Rojas Is Based on Mexican Footy Star Javier 'Chicharito' Hernández.

Who is Isaac based on Ted Lasso? ›

Kola Bokinni (born 5 August 1992) is a British actor. He is known for his role as Isaac McAdoo, the captain of AFC Richmond, in the Apple TV+ series Ted Lasso (2020–2023).

Who is the couple with the baby at the end of Ted Lasso? ›

During Beard's wedding, Mary and Darren — the two from that surreal night — are present for the ceremony and even reveal that they had a child sometime since Season 2. “Ted Lasso” expertly took on Martin Scorsese's “After Hours” in a bizarre way that created a strong comedic, dramatic, and emotionally resonant episode.

Was Jamie's dad in rehab? ›

Ted Lasso Season 3 Implies Jamie Tartt's Dad Is In Rehab

This made Jamie uneasy, knowing that his dad wouldn't miss the game unless something extreme happened. Jamie went down due to injury which gave Ted time to talk one-on-one with him.

What is the age difference between Rebecca and Sam in Ted Lasso? ›

Don't get us wrong: we adore Sam and we love Rebecca, but that doesn't diminish the potential consequences their relationship could have had if it continued. For one, Sam is only 21, and while the show hasn't revealed Rebecca's age, it's assumed that she's likely in her late forties, like Waddingham.

Who is Bix in Ted Lasso? ›

Bex, played by Keeley Hazell, is a kind and gentle person who becomes acquainted with Rebecca despite her relationship with Rebecca's ex-husband. Bex's story ends with her divorcing Rupert, demonstrating that people who don't work on themselves are bound to repeat their mistakes.

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