'Ted Lasso' ended a year ago and fans are still waiting for spinoff news (2024)

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  • 'Ted Lasso' ended a year ago and fans are still waiting for spinoff news (1)
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  • ‘Ted Lasso’ Ended A Year Ago And Fans Are Still Waiting For Spinoff News

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It’s been more than a year since Ted Lasso aired its Season 3 (and potentially series!) finale on Apple TV+, and 12 months after Jason Sudeikis’ titular character flew back home to Kansas, Brett Goldstein’s Roy Kentbecame AFC Richmond manager, and Juno Temple and Hannah Waddingham’s Keeley and Rebecca thought about launching a women’s league, fans still have no concrete updates on a potential series continuation — be it Ted Lasso Season 4 or a spinoff series that explores one (or all) of the above storylines.

When Season 3, Episode 12, “So Long, Farewell,” premiered on May 31, 2023, fans of the series were unsure whether the episode would serve as a concrete goodbye. On one hand, the episode was labeled “season finale,” not “series finale,” and reps told Decider in May 2023 that “Season 3 hasnotbeenconfirmedas the final season.” On the other hand, when the episode aired, cast and crew shared touching Ted Lasso tributes to social media, suggesting they had been in on the end of the series news all season.

Six months after Ted Lasso‘s Season 3 finale, Decider checked in on the status of the series, its stars, and any key show-related developments that had unfolded. So to mark the one-year anniversary of the colossal (yet confusing) finale, we’re back again with the latest info on the future of Ted Lasso.

Shortly before the finale’s one-year mark, Warner Bros. Discovery Home Entertainment announced that the first three seasons of the critically acclaimed comedy series would be released on Blu-ray and DVD in a special box set titledTedLasso: The Richmond Way. Of all signs that the Ted Lasso we knew — a show centered around the titular American football-turned-soccer coach struggling to lead a British team to victory across the pond — was through, this felt like the biggest. If Season 4 was a possibility, why release a box set that suggests such a strong sense of finality?That said, here’s why fans haven’t given up hope.

Looking Back At A Year Without Ted Lasso

As Decider noted in our six-month lookback piece, which published in December 2023, in the months ahead of and following the finale, Ted Lasso stars expressed what appeared to be genuine interest in continuing the series.Brett Goldstein told Variety, “I love playing Roy Kent. I have pitched a Season 4 idea to Jason that he is considering.” Hannah Waddingham jokingly teased Season 4 during a carpet shoot. And Juno Temple expressed interest in a potential women’s league spin-off that would reunite her with her beloved co-stars.

'Ted Lasso' ended a year ago and fans are still waiting for spinoff news (3)

The DVD box set is big, but it’s simply the latest evidence that Ted Lasso‘s pop culture relevance has endured sinceSeason 3’s conclusion. Since the 2023 finale, Mattel released a line ofTed LassoBarbie dolls; the show won several awards for its positive awareness of mental health and LGBTQ+ representation; Jason Sudeikis busted outhis character’s signature dance at a college basketball game, then busted into song withTed Lassoco-starsat his annualThundergong!benefit concert; and Hannah Waddingham orchestrated a massiveTed Lassoreunion for her Apple TV+ holiday special,Hannah Waddingham: Home for Christmas.

In January 2024,Variety also reported that Ted Lassowas the most viewed original series of 2023 and had racked up over 16.9 billion viewership minutes in the year. With such a massive audience, it’s hard to imagine Apple TV+ wouldn’t welcome any future iteration of the 13-time Emmy-winning series, especially since Tim Cook himself has said he hopes there’s a Season 4.

The Ted And Rebecca Of It All

Outside interest aside, it’s never been a secret that Jason Sudeikis pitched and envisioned Ted Lasso‘s arc as lasting three seasons. In an interview with Deadline, however, even he admitted, “I think that we’ve set the table for all sorts of folks…to get to watch the further telling of these stories…The fact that people want more, even if it’s a different avenue is lovely.”

With Ted back in Kansas and his Season 3 “it was never about me” sentiment, fans fear that Sudeikis may not be willing to reprise his role as the charming coach. And if Sudeikis doesn’t return to screen, Waddingham has essentially said she’s not willing to return for more Ted Lasso either. “I have made it quite clear that unless Ted was in it… I can’t imagine really a world where Rebecca exists without Ted because they are each other’s inspiration,” she toldThe Hollywood Reporter.

'Ted Lasso' ended a year ago and fans are still waiting for spinoff news (4)

In a March 2024 interview withExtraTV, however Waddingham gave fans hope about the future of the series, singing, “It ain’t over till it’s over…I’m hopeful”when asked ifthe series could return in some capacity. In a May 2024 interview with People, when asked what she thinks her character’s life looks like since the Season 3 finale aired, the actor also said, “My first gut instinct is that she is single and adjusting the club again and that her shoulders have finally dropped.” You hear that TedBecca stans? Waddingham thinks Rebecca has ditched the Dutchman, which means if the series does return, perhaps there’s still hope for romance between the two rom-com coded close friends.

Nate The Great Spoiler (Or Troll)

When celebrating a year since Ted Lasso Season 3 finished filming, star Nick Mohammed memorably teased fans, tweeting, “One year to the day since #TedLasso wrapped. And one year to the day that I accidentally posted this spoiler of Nate in AFC Richmond kit! Promise it won’t happen again on season 4- now wait.” Sir, please!

'Ted Lasso' ended a year ago and fans are still waiting for spinoff news (5)

A year later, it seems the actor is still toying with the idea of spilling some tea. Or is he simply toying with fans’ emotions? In a May 2024 interview with RadioTimes, when asked if he’d be interested in returning for a spin-off Mohammed said, “Yeah, of course. I mean, it was such a gift of a show, we all feel so grateful for being a part of it. I’d love to do some more at some point, but then, equally, it came to a satisfying conclusion in terms of stories for a lot of them, a lot of the characters…The odd thing was set up though, so… I’ve got to keep my mouth shut because I keep spoiling things.”

When recently tweeting about Ted Lasso‘s DVD news, Mohammed also wrote,“The Complete Series 😉 out on blu-ray and DVD 30 July.” The inclusion of the wink emoji implied that this is not, in fact, the complete series. But if that’s true, we’re going to need more info, Nick!

The Ted Lasso Timeline: Why Haven’t Fans Heard More Updates?

In a January 2024 interview withVariety, Warner Bros. TV Group chairChanning Dungey shared yet another hopeful sentiment, saying, “…You watched the finale, there’s a little bit of a door that could be kicked back open if need be…I wouldn’t put the period on the end of that sentence just yet. There is still a lot of love forTed Lasso. And I think that there still is a lot of enthusiasm on the part of Apple forTed Lasso. Should the opportunity arise, we’d be excited to jump back in to making more … There are always conversations that are ongoing, just nothing that’s official.”

There’s no denying Apple TV+ and the cast have expressed interested in a return, so why haven’t we heard more updates a year out? Perhaps comments about a future Ted Lasso timeline can help us gain some insight.

'Ted Lasso' ended a year ago and fans are still waiting for spinoff news (6)

As was the case with so many emerging projects, the 2023 WGA and SAG-AFTRA strikes may have delayedTed Lassoand Apple TV+ discussions, but there’s also a chance that Season 3 showrunner Jason Sudeikis and his fellow co-creators have yet to decide on a Richmond game plan. If we look back at pre and post-finale comments about the future of the Apple TV+ series, several people also suggested that if more Ted Lasso episodes were in the cards it wouldn’t be years until the cast got back together.

Ina post-finale Reddit AMA, co-creator Brendan Hunt told fans that didn’t know the fate of the series, assuring everyone, “we need a break and will take one presently. Nothing has been ruled out, everything is possible; but that includes the possibility that we’re done. We won’t know until we’ve sat with it for a while, decompressed, etc.” Meanwhile, Ted Lassodirector Declan Lowney said Season 3 was “the end for now,” adding that if a return of sorts were to take place, it’s “going to be two or three years before anything happens.”

As a reminder, it’s only been one year since Ted Lasso Season 3 concluded, so perhaps we have to wait another (or two) for some news! There’s always a chance that Ted Lasso won’t continue and the Season 3 finale will ultimately serve as the series finale, but I suppose it’s also possible we’ll get some news about a spinoff down the line. (I will say, the perfect time to announce a women’s league Ted Lasso return would have been during Jason Sudeikis’ recent “Everyone Watches Women’s Sports” tour).

For now, the Ted Lasso cast (and Bill Lawrence) is staying booked and busy, so fans can check them out in other projects while waiting patiently — or impatiently, we get it — for Season 4 or spinoff news. In the words of Ted Lasso himself, “Livingin the moment, it’s a gift. That’s why they call it the present.” So let’s try not to catastrophize when it comes to Ted Lasso‘s future.

Ted Lasso Seasons 1 through 3 are now streaming on Apple TV+.


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'Ted Lasso' ended a year ago and fans are still waiting for spinoff news (2024)
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