Relics Bring New Equipment to Guild Wars 2: Secrets of the Obscure – (2024)

Today we’re excited to share details about one of the upcoming features in GuildWars2:SecretsoftheObscure™ that will offer players new opportunities to customize their character’s combat prowess: relics. If you missed last month’s announcement, you can still find all the information in our blogs on combat, story and challenges, and rewards, or on the official site.

Designing Relics

During February’s studio update, we discussed our commitment to spending our development resources on improving core systems and features of GuildWars2. As part of that focus, we identified the rune system as needing a fresh coat of paint. As they exist now, runes offer attribute increases and a bonus special effect for wearing a complete set of six. Some rune sets were selected infrequently due to the stats they provided, leaving some interesting bonus effects underutilized. After the expansion’s August 22 release, rune sets will continue to provide the same attribute bonuses they currently do. You will be able to choose a special combat effect by adding a brand-new equipment type called a relic to its own dedicated slot.

Separating the attribute choices from the bonus effects provides better flexibility and control in build customization, and we’re excited to see the combinations that the community will come up with! This also allows us to design relics that focus on player interactivity rather than mostly passive bonuses, and this direction is more aligned with our goal for those special effects.

Core and Expansion Relics

GuildWars2:SecretsoftheObscure will release with forty core relics and twelve expansion relics. Core relics, which have effects inspired by many of the current rune sets, will be available to all players regardless of expansion ownership. Additional core relics will be added over time as part of our ongoing commitment to improving our core game features; our overarching goal is to offer more viable choices despite fewer overall options.

When the expansion launches, each character of level 60 or above will receive a relic chest to get you started in the new system with a choice of three core relics (exact number subject to change). Additional core relics will not be account bound and can be crafted and shared between players.

Let’s look at an example of a core relic! Please note that the effects of the relics shown may not be final.

Relics Bring New Equipment to Guild Wars 2: Secrets of the Obscure – (1)

Relic of the Zephyrite
Summon crystals that apply protection and resolution to allies after using an elite skill. Crystal duration scales with the recharge of the used skill.

If you have GuildWars2:SecretsoftheObscure, you’ll be able to acquire expansion relics. While these are not more powerful than core relics, expansion relics allow us to design effects that are more intricate, bold, and thrilling! They will also be closely tied to the narrative of the expansion, revealing some tidbits for those with a penchant for lore. Expansion relics can be obtained through collections, achievements, or story progression. While you can’t trade them, they are available to all characters on your account by visiting an NPC relic vendor after you’ve unlocked them.

Here’s an example of an expansion relic:

Relics Bring New Equipment to Guild Wars 2: Secrets of the Obscure – (2)

Relic of the Wizard’s Tower
After using an elite skill, shield yourself with a projectile-reflecting barrier while summoning a wave that pulls enemies toward you.

Relics of both types will function in PvE, PvP, and WvW game modes, though some relics will have slight changes in tuning and functionality to better fit competitive environments. After GuildWars2:SecretsoftheObscure launches, we’ll also be adding more relics during our quarterly updates to shake up builds and give players more opportunities to express themselves on the battlefield!

Legendary Runes and Relics

We believe the introduction of relics will allow for more meaningful choices when building your characters. To accomplish this, some of the functionality of legendary runes will move to the new relic slot. While legendary runes will no longer have six-tier bonus effects, they will retain their attribute-swapping flexibility.

Legendary relics will be introduced to GuildWars2:SecretsoftheObscure during one of the quarterly releases in 2024. These prestigious relics will offer the convenience of freely swapping between the various relic effects. Players who have already crafted legendary runes will be compensated with significant progress toward unlocking legendary relics. In fact, each of the seven legendary runes you create will unlock further progress toward these relics. We’ll be able to share more details when we are closer to the launch of legendary relics next year.

Let the Theorycrafting Begin!

GuildWars2:SecretsoftheObscure will give players virtually endless new possibilities for their characters’ builds! Independent rune attributes and relic effects are just one way to expand your choices; don’t forget that each profession will also have access to additional weapon combinations. We hope you enjoyed this deep dive into the world of relics, and we’ll have more expansion info coming soon as we approach the expansion launch on August 22.

Relics Bring New Equipment to Guild Wars 2: Secrets of the Obscure – (2024)


Where do I get relics in GW2? ›

Core relics are available through crafting and the trading post.

How do you see equipped items in Guild Wars 2? ›

Equipment preview may be opened by:
  1. Right-clicking equipment in the inventory, account vault, guild vault or Trading Post.
  2. Using the wardrobe in the hero panel.
  3. Using the Style tab of the gem store.

What can you do in Guild Wars 2 Reddit? ›

The beauty of GW2 is that you can just log on and pick and choose whatever fancies you from the massive achievement list , story mode, dungeons, World vs World, PvP, jumping puzzles, fractals. There is always something to do. If you're new I'd do some story mode to unlock areas and mastery tracks.

Can you craft precursors more than once GW2? ›

All second generation legendary precursors can be crafted more than once. Additional crafting components normally acquired through collections can subsequently be bought from Grandmaster Craftsman Hobbs.

How do you get relics? ›

These can be earned by completing quests, opening chests, and exploring different Worlds. Players can also earn Relics by Levelling up Trailblaze levels or by using the Omni-Synthesizer, which allows players to craft custom Relics.

How do you get relic weapons? ›

Relic Weapons are obtained through the "A Relic Reborn" quest which is accessible to the player upon completion of the main story quest. The beginning quest is The Weaponsmith of Legend, although on completion, obtaining additional Relic Weapons does not require this quest to be completed again.

How do you redeem codes in Guild Wars 2? ›

Redeeming Gem Codes
  1. Log in to Guild Wars 2 with the account where you want to unlock gems.
  2. Open the Black Lion Trading Company panel. ...
  3. Click the "Redeem Code" link in the upper left corner of the Store homepage.
  4. Enter or copy and paste your gem code into the field that reads: "Please enter your Gem code"
  5. Click Redeem.

How do you find the Legendary Armory in gw2? ›

Visually, the Legendary Armory is contained within the Equipment Tab of the Hero panel and has no separate user interface. Legendary items appear at the top of the equipment selection panel on the left, and gain a gold top-left corner overlay with a chain link symbol 🔗.

Where do you pick up items in the trading post Guild Wars 2? ›

To pick up items or coin after buying or selling on the Trading Post, players must interact with Black Lion Traders. All items and coin in the delivery box will be picked up in a single click.

What is the meta in Guild Wars 2? ›

A meta event is a series of dynamic events that tells the story of an explorable zone. A meta event might tell the story of a norn area in danger of being corrupted by the Sons of Svanir, or a human region constantly threatened by centaur armies.

Which profession is best in Guild Wars 2? ›

We've updated this list to reflect the current best professions for solo players, as well as the best Elite Specialization for each of them.
  • 8 Guardian.
  • 7 Warrior.
  • 6 Ranger.
  • 5 Thief.
  • 4 Revenant.
  • 3 Engineer.
  • 2 Mesmer.
  • 1 Necromancer.

What is the end game in Guild Wars 2? ›

Endgame refers to the content intended for players after they reach the maximum level on their character. While Guild Wars 2's open world uses Dynamic level adjustment so that high-level players can still play in low-level zones, most of the endgame content is restricted for max-level characters.

What is the max level in Guild Wars 2 crafting? ›

Each discipline has a maximum level of 500, except Jeweler and Scribe, which cap at 400. Generally, every 75 levels, access is granted to a new tier of recipes.

What is the maximum AR in gw2? ›

The maximum amount of agony resistance required for Fractals of the Mists at scale 100 is 150. A character can have a maximum number of 18 infusion slots. (Note that 20 infusions are needed for a character with 2 equipped weapon sets).

How many years is gw2 after gw1? ›

Guild Wars 2 takes place in the high fantasy world of Tyria, 250 years after the players' defeat of the Great Destroyer in the Eye of the North expansion. Five 'Elder Dragons' sleeping beneath the continent have awoken in the time since Guild Wars, causing widespread destruction to Tyria and corrupting its inhabitants.

Where do I get artifact relics? ›

Artifact relics are obtained by completing quest lines, dungeons and raids in the Broken Isles, Argus, or other Legion-related content. They have a major impact on the overall power of an artifact, increasing its item level and, by extension, its damage and stats.

How do you get free legendary relics in gw2? ›

Players who had crafted at least one Legendary Rune before the release of Secrets of the Obscure's second update, The Realm of Dreams, received the Legendary Relic for free.

Where do I get relic shards? ›

They can currently only be obtained from certain raid stages. These are: Bizarre Town Stage 4 (Atom Heart) (10% Chance), and Bizarre Town Stage 5 (Killer Queen) (Guaranteed). They are currently used to craft the Mangekyō Eye and the Lostvain.

Where do you get trinkets in gw2? ›

All three types of trinkets can be obtained through vendors. Some trinkets need to be unlocked by completing specific achievements before they can be purchased. WARNING: Some rings cannot be salvaged, particularly those purchased with Trade Contracts or Elegy Mosaics. This may be a bug.

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