Quick, Easy Valentine's Day Meal Your Family Will Love|Vegan (2024)

I needed a quick, easy Valentine’s Day meal after such a busy week.

I almost forgot about Valentine’s Day!

Has this happened to you?

No worries!

If you have either some frozen vegan burgers or a favorite veggie burger recipe, you’re in luck! This goes over well with all ages. Try out our menu plan for a quick, easy Valentine’s Day meal!

Chez Mountain Farmhouse Valentine’s Day Dinner Menu

Mixed Green Salad

Potatoes – Chips, Fries, or Roasted

Heart-Shaped Veggie Burgers

Heart-Shaped Burger Buns


Fruit and Your Favorite Chocolate Candy

Go Out or Stay In?

Personally, I don’t love going out to eat on Valentine’s Day. The restaurants are crowded and noisy, and they usually jack up the prices on such a “holiday.” I don’t even like to receive a bouquet of fresh flowers on Valentine’s Day, because they also cost about twice their usual price!**

Plus they seem to dry out super-fast.

Quick Easy Valentine’s Day Dinner

What to do? Well, I usually put together a somewhat home-cooked meal on the actual day. Then we’ll go out to eat either the day before, the day after, or on the weekend.

This year, however, it has all crept up on me a little too fast.

So….if you find yourself in this situation, read on so you can SAVE VALENTINE’S DAY!

Simple as Salad

Salad is easy enough to prepare. You might even have some in your fridge. If not, get out your salad bowl and have fun. Cherry tomatoes, red peppers, beets, purple cabbage, or radishes will give it a festive, colorful touch.

If you are out of a good dressing, try a little red wine vinegar and a sprinkle of olive oil. Add some pepper and fresh or dried herbs if you like.

Potatoes Are Sure to Please

No time to cook up some potatoes? Potato chips are my go-to favorite for this kind of casual, yet delicious, meal. We also like veggie chips, which were this year’s choice.

If you have more time to prep, scrub up your potatoes. Then cut them up into wedges. Toss in about a tablespoon of olive oil. Sprinkle 1 teaspoon of rosemary, thyme, and pepper; then toss some more. Bake at 350°F for 30-40 minutes, or fry in a pan on the stove until a little crisp on the outside.

Heart-Shaped Vegan Burgers

And now for the Main Course! Do you have a favorite veggie burger recipe? Or a favorite type of frozen veggie burger?

We love Beyond Burgers™. This year, I decided to shape them into hearts! It really isn’t that hard.I just squished up the burgers and patted them into a heart shape. If you have a large, heart-shaped cookie cutter, you could use that if you wish.

For more fun, cut your pickle chips into heart shapes.

If your family doesn’t like burgers, almost any type of sandwich can be cut into a heart shape. Try peanut butter and strawberry jam!

Quick, Easy Valentine's Day Meal Your Family Will Love|Vegan (1)

These burgers resemble meat so closely it’s uncanny. They are even Joel-approved!

(Disclaimer – This is not a sponsored post! We just happen to like these burgers a LOT.)

Next come the buns. We like to use whole-grain buns if they are available.

I cut a small wedge to make the top of the heart shape:

Quick, Easy Valentine's Day Meal Your Family Will Love|Vegan (2)

Then I trimmed a little off of each side to create the point at the bottom of the heart.

Quick, Easy Valentine's Day Meal Your Family Will Love|Vegan (3)

Served up on the plate with the side dishes and condiments, it makes a lovely meal.

Quick Easy Valentine’s Day Meal

Quick, Easy Valentine's Day Meal Your Family Will Love|Vegan (4)

And here’s how it looks from the side.

Quick, Easy Valentine's Day Meal Your Family Will Love|Vegan (5)

This meal will work just as well if you are planning a romantic dinner for two as it will for families. If you have young children or grandchildren, they will surely love the heart-shaped burger!

For a fun Valentine’s Day breakfast, try my Sourdough Scones cut into heartshapes!

Don’t fret if you’ve been too busy to think about Valentine’s Day! Take the pressure off of yourself and give this idea a try. I’d love to know how you like it.

More Valentine’s Day Ideas

**Farmhouse tip – Have the “Fresh Flower Talk” in advance of Valentine’s Day. If a flower bouquet is important to you, perhaps receiving it the day before or after the actual holiday would be just as nice. You will save a bundle!

Whether you are alone or with a significant other, here are more ideas for Valentine’s Day:

-If you receive a bouquet of roses (and it’s certainly ok to give yourself flowers!) after the blooms are spent, tie the stems together and hang them upside down to thoroughly dry out. Then save the petals to put in a soothing Epsom salt bath.

-If you receive a lot of candy and you have a goal of eating healthy, see if a local food pantry or other organization might accept it as a donation.

-Make little hearts(out of paper, fabric, or yarn) and place them in unexpected places around the house for simple, fun-filled decor.

-Get a new book to read.

-Serve yourself some sparkling juice in a beautiful wine glass.

-Make a cup of hot cocoa and cozy up in a warm blanket.

Do you have a favorite Valentine’s Day tradition or celebratory custom? I’d love to know in the comments!

And as always, please feel free to reach out to me with any questions.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Blessings to you and your loved ones!


Quick, Easy Valentine's Day Meal Your Family Will Love|Vegan (6)
Quick, Easy Valentine's Day Meal Your Family Will Love|Vegan (2024)
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