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Her better half’s name is Bryant Tejeda-Castillo, who is a marine by calling and has been blamed for killing his significant other. Via virtual entertainment, Dana posted heaps of viral recordings blaming her better half for aggressive behavior at home and maltreatment on YouTube, and Facebook. Bryant Tejeda-Castillo is 29, wedded to Dana Alotaibi, who was 27. A police gathering was held for the homicide case on 21st July 2022.


Dana Alotaibi Wiki Dana Alotaibi was born on 28th May 1995 however was living in the USA for her virtual entertainment content. She claimed a famous YouTube Channel. She posted her physically proposed music video, where she assembled around 1.2 million perspectives. In that video, she experienced the customary public and said that she is a Saudi character.

What is the entire story? Dana blamed her better half in the larger part for her YouTube recordings and said that her significant other doesn’t help her or backing her while making recordings, all things being equal, he mishandles her for the equivalent. In one of her recordings in January 2022, Dana recorded a video and posted a YouTube subtitle, “MILITARY SPOUSE – HAWAII HELP READ DESCRIPTION.” In the video, she cried and called the National Suicide Prevention Hotline and informed them, “It’s eerie me, similar to, every one of the occurrences that he’s hit me and done horrendous things to me,” … … … .And I’m figuring like, what can really be done, for what reason would he say he is so distant?” In the portrayal of her video, she nitty gritty the things about her existence with her harmful spouse and her oppressive relationship with him: She made sense of that her better half as of late got conveyed to Japan. On his third day in Japan, he had a solution for kindling and paid $124 for the remedy. During the occasion, Dana took a stab at facing her significant other and got some information about his expectations.

At the point when she found that he was free on kindling, this caused her to lose her heart. She additionally recorded in her depiction that she requested that her significant other orchestrate tickets for her as she needed to take a brief trip and see her mom and he said “no”. She informed the public that her better half had sufficient cash to date different ladies and meet them in Japan yet he was unable to orchestrate a ticket for her since she needed to take a brief trip and see her mom. Be that as it may, she [herself] was frantic about going to her mom’s home, so she in any case booked a ticket for herself.

Dana Alotaibi Mother Then again, her mom, Natalia Cespedes, let the TV know that her little girl frequently used to send her photos and recordings or even messages discussing her better half’s maltreatment. The mother accepted that Dana would be alive if the military could have paid attention to her in the wake of making monotonous charges about her significant other and requesting help from them. The mother informed the TV that her girl got a no-contact request from the military.

As indicated by the police authorities, the pair was contending before the spouse cut the wife on various occasions. The authority has let the TV know that the police would audit the recorded and undocumented aggressive behavior at home episodes. The Marines let the TV know that they were affirmed about the suspect’s order and the way in which the pair were locked in with one another and how the casualty was responsive or making the orders. In any case, “because of the continuous idea of criminal examinations, remarking further on this topic would be unseemly”.  After he came to realize that she had utilized her cash, he cut her name from her monetary records under the naval force government. She had additionally made sense of the subtleties like her significant other frequently used to undermine her and said he would kill her to death and requested that she return his cash. He would frequently say that he would give the location of her mom’s home to others and would request that they kill all his relatives. Also, she also had the video recording of that evidence.

She clarified for general society in her portrayal that she frequently had self-destructive considerations previously and truly need to return to her mom’s home yet she is terrified because of the demise dangers given by her significant other. In her video depiction, she requested the public’s assistance and said that she has been irredeemable now and necessities to have exhortation or direction to heighten the circ*mstances occurring with her. She said that she can’t return home due to the demise dangers from her significant other and furthermore she can’t remain here since she was in a real sense passing on while residing with her better half.

Dana Alotaibi Height  Weight  Net Worth  Age  Birthday  Wikipedia  Who  Instagram  Biography (2024)
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